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 -  Monday, August 10, 2009
Reviewed By: Marie (Olathe, Kansas)
I purchased and planted six of these plants three years ago. Five of them died. The one remaining has grown and spread to over 60 feet of blackberry plants growing along my privacy fence. This year we have harvested over 7 gallons of berries. The plants are pretty and thornless and make a great cover for my old fence. The berries and huge and sweet. I've made 9 pints of jam so far and have enough berries to make at least that much more.
 -  Tuesday, July 13, 2010
Reviewed By: lou (monaca, pa)
bought 3 plants last year got my twigs in the mail planted them did not hold out much hope but was very surprised this year they are huge very trainable for shaping much fruit very good it is mid July and still much more ripening on the vines only drawback is I like em fresh the wife likes to make blackberry pie highly recommend buying just don't get discouraged when you see twigs show in the mail they will most likely thrive
 -  Sunday, July 18, 2010
Prolific Blackberry
Reviewed By: Malcolm (Stewartsville, Indiana)
Received 10 plants about 5 years ago from Gurneys. I now have a thicket of large aromatic berries that have a very great blackberry taste. I usually pick over 50 gallons a year and still manage not to get all of them. They make a great cobbler and a great jelly and a wonderful wine.
 -  Wednesday, July 28, 2010
Vigorous plants
Reviewed By: MBM (Richland, WA)
The initial buying experience was not good -- delivery dates were very delayed, and when I called in late spring to sort out other order-related problems the customer help was useless (earlier in the year customer help was good). The plants arrived when the weather was very hot - not good for planting and much later than I was told they'd arrive. BUT - the plants were healthy and vigorous, despite being very hot from the truck, and are doing very well.
 -  Saturday, September 11, 2010
Reviewed By: Dan (Okmulgee, ok)
I planted 3 triple crown and 3 black satin in the spring of 2008 and this year 2010 I picked 12 gallons of blackberries. I have a lot of jelly and some put back for cobbler and sold 3 gal. for $22.00 a gallon great plants.