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 -  Monday, October 11, 2010
Can't pick them all!
Reviewed By: L. Siebert (Lebanon, IL)
Bought and planted three plants. The first year I got a handful of berries. The second year we got 12 cups every other day. This year I stopped weighing them when I reached 165lbs. My neighbors took over and got another 20lbs or so. Jam, Syrup, Wine I'm running out of things to make with them. Works out well on chain link fence. Canes grow 20 and 30 feet.
 -  Saturday, October 09, 2010
Great Plants
Reviewed By: Craig (Salt Lake City, Utah)
In the fall of 2009 I bought 3 black berry plants from Gurney, under a special where you bought 3 plants of their choice. 2 of the 3 plants did not survive my winter. I called and Gurney replaced the plants with 3 Triple Crown Plants. I was supprised and pleased with the up grade. The plants have grown very well and have a few large 6 foot long canes on them. I will be getting my first berries next summer. I can hardly wait. I love Gurneys.
 -  Thursday, October 07, 2010
triplecrown blackberry
Reviewed By: chuck,patch (smock, pa)
these are as they say very productice,and hardy grow enormious runners ,spread really fast will take over,be prepared to cut them back every season,you are supposed to prune berries every season anyway.the taste is on the sour side for me,wish they produced a sweeter berry,they claim bushes with thorns produce sweeter fruit,i believe it,these produce a heavy crop of berries after first year,
 -  Tuesday, September 21, 2010
Triple Crown Blackberry
Reviewed By: Kathy Aldrich (Moses Lake, WA)
I ordered a couple Triple Crown Blackberry plants and received them this spring. The starts were excellent and the plants have vined out nicely this summer. (one or two long leafy canes 4 feet or so) When I planted them into the permanent places the weather was rather warm, but they did fine and I expect that they will improve next year. They were worth the money and an excellent quality :)
 -  Saturday, September 11, 2010
Reviewed By: Dan (Okmulgee, ok)
I planted 3 triple crown and 3 black satin in the spring of 2008 and this year 2010 I picked 12 gallons of blackberries. I have a lot of jelly and some put back for cobbler and sold 3 gal. for $22.00 a gallon great plants.