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 -  Tuesday, June 01, 2010
For those who like Elderberry Pies or whatever
Reviewed By: Larry Schaufelberger (Van Wert,, OH)
A Review of the Elderberry plants received from Gurneyís: I ordered 2 Elderberry plants (York & Nova) in the fall of 2006 and they were planted shortly after their arrival. During 2007 they grew nicely. I helped them along by watering and giving them a shot of Miracle Grow each week. During 2008, I harvested enough berries to produce one deep-dish pie. (It was delicious.) Last summer they produced 18 pints of berries. Attached is a picture of the plants now. They are enormous and as can be seen, simply covered with blooms which portends a great harvest. I suspect I shall have plenty to give away. I have them covered with netting to keep the birds off as much as possible. I would have had more last summer except the birds got to the green berries and ate them-probably 15 to 20%. I placed a 6 foot ladder next to them give a perspective of how giant these plants are. Anyway, 5 bright stars for the Gurney Elderberry Plants! L. W. Schaufelberger Van Wert, Ohio Iíd like to send this picture to you but either Iím not smart enough or canít attach it to this review. If you would like to see it, please send me an email address. Thank you.
 -  Thursday, May 19, 2011
Growing great!
Reviewed By: Doug Wampler (Indianapolis, IN)
I ordered these early in the Spring of 2011. The plants were small, but they were green and clearly alive. I planted them too early, and they fell victim to a late hard frost. The plants survived (frost didn't seem to affect them at all), and they are growing quite well. I'm excited to try the berries. Plants are performing very well, I would highly recommend these to other gardeners.
 -  Wednesday, June 15, 2011
explosive growth
Reviewed By: Tony (Turtle lake, ND)
This thing grows like crazy with no cold weather damage at all. It's literally the first thing to start growing and flowering in the spring. It nice and full also.
 -  Tuesday, July 19, 2011
Reviewed By: Jennifer (Greensburg, Kentucky)
I've tried ordering these plants from a company that had the plants for a much cheaper price, but out of the 4 I ordered, only 1 survived, and I'm not sure which variety it was as they were not properly labeled. So I tried again this year with Gurneys and bought one of each variety. What a difference!! The seedlings were just glowing when they arrived! They were extremely healthy and were easy to transplant. They looked pale green and I thought they might die for a while after I transplanted them, so I fertilized them with Organic Liquid Miracle Grow and the next day they were a dark green healthy color again with tiny new leaves budding! Super fast to grow and (at least the ones from Gurneys) are so easy!
 -  Monday, September 26, 2011
Reviewed By: Robin McClary (Yakima, WA)
One York and one Nova arrived day before yesterday. The young plants look healthy. I planted the seedlings outside. They seem to be doing quite nicely. They were watered deeply. Their small size seems reasonable because they must be shipped for an affordable price.