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 -  Thursday, May 07, 2009
Keeps coming back!
Reviewed By: Amanda (wheeling, WV)
I love elderberries ever since I was a child they grew wild in Oh where I lived. We used to make jelly which was soooo good! I got 2 of these elderberry plants last year for mothers day. After I planted them and they were starting to come up my neighbor mowed them by accident not once but serveral times. I finally told them about it. I thought they were dead for sure but this spring I noticed that they are growing so fast and full. They are already about 3 ft tall. They keep coming back!!!! Thank goodness.
 -  Tuesday, June 09, 2009
Such a great plant
Reviewed By: Rose (Martinsburg, WV)
These are a great plant to have around. They grow well in full sun but we most often saw them in the wild in the verge of power line or rail road cuts. They are all over our area in WV and transplant easily. Wonderful flavor for jellies, especially if cut with apple - Delicious. We have 8-10 plants and have all the fruit we'd need.
 -  Tuesday, March 09, 2010
They are good for more than jelly
Reviewed By: Cheryll (Grand Rapids, MI)
The white flowers of the elderberry bush have been used in many things; pressed into tonics, brewed into wines and champagne, lightly battered and fried into fritters, or stirred into muffin or sponge cake mix for a light, sweet flavor. The ripe berries, cleaned and cooked, can be made into many things: extracts, syrups, pies, jams, or used as garnish, dye or flavoring. And if that is not enough to praise this fruit for: Elderberries contain potassium and large amounts of vitamin C, and have been proven in quite a few recent studies to shorten the duration of cold and flu symptoms, as well as strengthen the immune system. Elderberries are also a good source of anthocyanins, powerful antioxidants which are responsible for giving many red and purple fruits their color. Yum-yum and HEALTHY too!!
 -  Friday, March 19, 2010
smallest plant ever
Reviewed By: Bradley Henderson (Spring Lake, North Carolina)
I ordered 2 types the York and theNova Elderberry bushes they cost me $40 but when I got them they were the size of a toohpick no taller and no bigger around with 3 tiny leaves on each plant. Talk about disapointed they will take several years (if they live) to grow to any size and elderberries grow fast but these are so small it is unbelievable I checked thier commpetitors and found I could get 6 foot bushes for $20 each I do not recomend buying these from Gurnys untill they grow them bigger
 -  Tuesday, April 06, 2010
Reviewed By: Mary (Toms River, NJ)
The elderberry trees were just little sticks when I first recieved them and grew vey little the first year. I am surprised to find they did survive their first winter. Hopefully, they will now begin to grow and resemble the product advertised by the company.