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 -  Wednesday, April 04, 2007
A miracle!
Reviewed By: Lesley S. (Chehalis, Washington)
This product is wonderful. I have an organic garden but have been plagued by slugs, and none of the natural methods I've tried has worked... until now! It's not harmful to the enviormnent or to our furry friends and it actually works. I love it.
 -  Tuesday, May 22, 2007
Reviewed By: John Baker (Jim Thorpe, Pa)
I saw a difference in just one day in the amount of Banana Slugs around my vegetable garden!!! I highly recommend this product!!!
 -  Tuesday, January 08, 2008
U just gotta get this
Reviewed By: Blue (Duluth, MN)
This is the most fantastic working product I have EVER gotten. When I first moved in here, gardening was a horror an slugs so bad they crawled up on the deck to get to potted plants. After just one day, I could already tell a difference and by the end of the summer not a slug in sight. I believe in organic growing but was ready to turn drastic till I saw this in the Gurneys catalog and tried it, fell in serious like with it and continue to order it faithfully as needed for the last 4 years. [I haven't told my neighbors what I use till this year- I enjoyed all the compliments-and jealousy of my fellow gardeners for a bit] Thank You Gurneys!
 -  Tuesday, July 20, 2010
Dinner Time!
Reviewed By: Bobbie Bledsoe (Trenton, SC)
I love ringing the dinner bell, for snails and slugs that is. They ruined my lilies, gerber daisies and hostas until I found Escargo. Now I sprinkle this product and no more pests to destroy my beautiful plants. It's amazing how they are attracted to this stuff, it is truly like ringing the dinner bell.I see empty shells everywhere, and my garden continues to bloom and thrive. I love this stuff!
 -  Monday, May 21, 2012
Best stuff since sliced bread
Reviewed By: Allison (Woodbridge, CT)
This stuff is so awesome. Did anyone notice it worked for 2 years! I didn't use it last year, but just now noticed some babies on my hosta after the rains. I'm ordering some more now!