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 -  Friday, December 24, 2010
Organic Insect Control
Reviewed By: Sheena (Elk Creek, Missouri)
I used this product last growing season and am very happy with the protection provided. In my area there is a heavy flea bettle poulation that had previously destroyed all of my attempts to grow eggplants. I used the row cover to protect the plants until flowers formed. The flea bettles still attacked after removal of the cover but the plants were established well enough to still produce great. I do however recommend some form of support for the cover I experienced some seedling crushing when used alone. I used tomato cages with clothes pins for my eggplants.
 -  Thursday, May 13, 2010
Frost Protection
Reviewed By: Pat Shaffer (Maddock, North Dakota)
With our North Dakota early frost ocurring late summer/early fall, this has saved our tomatoes for two different seasons. It needed to be replaced so am ordering another cover.
 -  Sunday, October 26, 2008
Best stuff ever made
Reviewed By: David Schultz (Milford, Va)
This material will Protect the plants, protect from insects, wind,frost( a little). seedling grown under this will grow at twice the rate of unprotected plants
 -  Thursday, June 26, 2008
Reviewed By: Genie (Tucson, AZ)
We live in sunny, hot, Arizona. Row cover fabric is GREAT for protecting tomatoes from sun scald and for seedlings... when the hot sun and dry wind often kill baby plants. Simply cut enough fabric to keep it propped above the seedling a few inches (like a roof) using ice cream or bamboo sticks. Tuck the fabric ends under bricks or rocks to keep it from blowing away. Check and adjust height as needed. The fabric will protect the seedlings, keeping the soil moist and cooler, and prevents pesky birds from eating them. To protect tomatoes from sun scald, use fabric just as you would shade cloth, or attach fabric to chicken wire fencing to form a sturdy white "roof" or "umbrella" that can be stapled to wood posts (cheap furring strips work well). A TRULY GREAT MULTIPURPOSE PRODUCT!!!
 -  Friday, May 23, 2008
Excellent season extender!
Reviewed By: Jodi (Bend, Oregon)
I bought floating row cover as soon as I decided to plant veggies and berries this season. We're in a zone 6 with less than 3 months Frost-Free. It's the third week of May, and I've already planted strawberries, tomatoes, lettuces, carrots, onions, and even sweet corn. The floating row cover material kept everything snuggly and safe, even when our night-time temps dipped into the high 20s a couple of times last week. Also works great for keeping harmful insects and birds out of the edibles. And although we haven't had one yet this year, we're prone to sudden hailstorms here. I'm hopeful that my floating row cover material may even help protect my plants from any major damage from hail. An excellent product!