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 -  Sunday, October 11, 2009
Nice Plant
Reviewed By: Joshua (Cville, PA)
Plant is one year old, over 3' tall, but very long, not bushy. Wonder what others are doing for trimming, pruning etc. Has beautiful blooms, but haven't pursued fruit, long stems/branches would not support fruit
 -  Wednesday, September 08, 2010
nice growth
Reviewed By: Crystal (Sandstone, Minnesota)
Growing Amazing! I got my plant this spring, it has grown a foot already, with dozens of flowers! I just brought it inside for the winter.. where it will soak up all the winter sun by our large living room windows, until summer again! 2 more years til fruit!
 -  Sunday, May 09, 2010
lots of flowers
Reviewed By: Denise White (Beaumont, Texas)
I received four of these plants as a gift for my wedding a year and a half ago, lots of beautiful coral colored blooms. No fruit yet though. The bees and hummingbirds did not seem to be interested in them last season. I hope that will change this year as pomegranates are my favorite fruit! I keep mine outside all year and thought our rare frost this past winter may have killed them, but no they came back and are bigger than ever!
 -  Monday, June 07, 2010
pretty leaves
Reviewed By: Robin (Yakima, WA)
We purchased this last year. It was a tiny sprig when it arrived. It lived in front of a sunny window. It has branched out and has lovely leaves. No fruit or flowers but I think we can look forward to some this year. We've had a lot of rain here this year but as soon as the weather improves we will move this outside. I look forward to the flowers attracting humming birds. We have a bee hive and I am sure our bees will enjoy the flowers too!
 -  Thursday, June 10, 2010
Fruit too small to eat
Reviewed By: gnle (boston, ma)
I have had this dwarf tree for 5 years now. It is a nice ornamental plant. I do get lots of small pommegranates, but they are too small to eat. Don't be fooled by the picture. Maybe others have different experiences, but my sister and mother have the same experience as me with this plant