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 -  Wednesday, February 18, 2009
Love my Key Lime tree!
Reviewed By: Jordan (Chouteau, Oklahoma)
I love this tree! I bought it almost a year ago and it has grown quite a bit considering I have moved to an apartment with no good sun light for it during the winter. Somehow, it still finds a way to grow. I can't wait for my key limes!
 -  Sunday, July 19, 2009
Killer Lime
Reviewed By: Donnie Barr (Middletown, Missouri)
Recieved one as a Christmas gift two years ago (got it in the spring). It's now 4 foot tall, and I picked my first lime off of it today, first one grown in my town ever (about 50 on it at the present). Thanx for bragging rights. there Gurney's. Killer tree, I give it 10 stars.
 -  Saturday, September 12, 2009
Best yet! ☺
Reviewed By: Peppie (St.Marys, GA)
Wow What an amazing little plant! It was so cute on its first bloom now its full of fruit!! I love It!!
 -  Tuesday, February 02, 2010
My Favorite
Reviewed By: Pat (Gladstone, Michigan)
I got my lime tree 3 summers ago, it was small and it grew some that first year. The Next Year it took off, 2ft. wide 1 ft.tall but no fruit. Well last spring 3ft wide 2ft tall it started to bud, Late last summer I had 50+ a little bit bigger than a golf ball size limes. Juicy and fresh. Great for summer drinks and I made 2 key lime pies. The limes are so juicy that the recipe called for 20 limes for juice it took me 13 and it was so good....
 -  Thursday, January 25, 2007
nothing like a real Key Lime
Reviewed By: Kim (Spring Hill, TN)
When we lived in Miami we had a beautiful prolific Key Lime tree and it was lost (literaly) after Hurricane Andrew. I've missed having fresh Key Limes so I'll give this a try - the only thing I'm unsure about is the color of the limes on this tree. As far as I know Key Limes should be yellow. We'll see!