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 -  Saturday, September 12, 2009
Best yet! ☺
Reviewed By: Peppie (St.Marys, GA)
Wow What an amazing little plant! It was so cute on its first bloom now its full of fruit!! I love It!!
 -  Tuesday, February 02, 2010
My Favorite
Reviewed By: Pat (Gladstone, Michigan)
I got my lime tree 3 summers ago, it was small and it grew some that first year. The Next Year it took off, 2ft. wide 1 ft.tall but no fruit. Well last spring 3ft wide 2ft tall it started to bud, Late last summer I had 50+ a little bit bigger than a golf ball size limes. Juicy and fresh. Great for summer drinks and I made 2 key lime pies. The limes are so juicy that the recipe called for 20 limes for juice it took me 13 and it was so good....
 -  Monday, July 19, 2010
Beatiful little plant
Reviewed By: Heather (Peoria, Illinois)
Quite a nice little tree though, just make sure you check it every day or two if you get one to make sure yours does not get invaded by common garden pests which all seem to think the leaves and roots are tasty. You will want to invest in a squirt bottle if you don't have one and spritz its leaves every day or so when you first transplant it - do not water for at least a week after your transplant drenching. Also a fun plant to grow from seed if you remember to peel off the outer casing on the seeds and plant them fresh from the fruit! For less adventurous people or those who want to try their hand at growing from seed as well as buying, this is a wonderful addition to your greenery and eventually to your fruit supply.