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 -  Tuesday, February 07, 2012
Why isn't mine as great as everyone elses?
Reviewed By: Kristal (Layton, UT)
I recieved my lemon tree last Spring and when I recieved it, it had holes all over in the leaves. I took pictures hoping it wouldn't die. It has since lost those leaves and has only about 3 healthy leaves left. It is so tiny and hasn't grown at all. I bought special soil for it and it is constantly in the sun. What can I do to help it? I was so excited to have this tree but it looks like a stick.
 -  Tuesday, December 20, 2011
Blooming beautifully
Reviewed By: tiff (28602, nc)
I received my lemon tree one year ago. She is now 2 ft tall and 1.5ft wide. I brought the plant in for the winter in October. In December, my lemon started blooming. The tree is now covered with 80 blossoms and/or tiny fruitlets.
 -  Sunday, December 18, 2011
amazing little plants
Reviewed By: Kim (NYC, NY)
I received 4 of these little Meyer Lemons in October. They are all about 5 inches tall. Within one month profuse blooming of flowers occurred on all of them. One little plant has 2 lemons growing on it now. I love to watch these lemons grow, but I may need to cut them off as they grow bigger. The plant is still so small, I can't imagine it's a good idea to strain this tree growing 2 lemons at it's small size. I love these little trees. I'm sure they will grow to produce lots of fruit in a year or 2.
 -  Saturday, November 26, 2011
Worth it!
Reviewed By: Tiffany (Hickory, NC)
Received my lemon tree in November 2010. Its one year later, and its flowering. I hope to eat lemons in a few months.
 -  Wednesday, September 07, 2011
Green is normal
Reviewed By: Kade Madison (Fort Lauderdale, Florida)
To the folks wondering how they get yellow lemons, fear not. First of all, as the lemon first forms on the tree, they will be green, like many fruit. As they grow and ripen, the color will eventually change. Meyer Lemons can be a little larger than the normal yellow lemon. And, a Meyer Lemon will not be pure yellow. It will have a slight orange tint to it. This is a hybrid lemon that was crossed with a particular grapefruit, so you should make sure you can still eat these if you have medical conditions that restrict grapefruit. You may not get many lemons the first year at all, but this is normal with citrus. Also, stop using the Miracle Grow. That stuff is awful. Water regularly, and use a specific citrus tree fertilizer only for the specified times. Here in Florida, we only fertilize in May and October. I do though, like to use the organic sprays for keeping any disease away and use an organic spray for insects ONLY if there is a severe problem. Otherwise, I want the natural insects and bees around the tree.