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 -  Sunday, December 12, 2010
Fast grower
Reviewed By: Tiffany (Hickory, NC)
The 1 1/2 foot plant was received promptly. It had three leaves upon arrival, two of which I cut off due to poor condition. I planted it in a pot with a mixture of peat moss, potting soil, and vermiculite to prevent compaction. In five days, a new leaf began to protrude from the center stem. Eight days later, another leaf appeared. A week later, another leaf. And another...
 -  Wednesday, March 23, 2011
Incredibly Resilient Plant
Reviewed By: Sonia (Sacramento, CA)
I've had my banana tree plant for close to two years now. As with all of my Gurneys purchases, I am so impressed with this plant. The plant was doing great until last winter when I failed to bring it inside, and it froze, so I thought that was the end of a plant I'd tended to for a year and a half. I left the stump in the pot (indoors) and to my amazement, about a month later, a new shoot had sprouted. Literally in three months, the plant went from being a poor neglected brown stump to a vibrant green multi-leaved plant about a foot tall. It's growing back so fast. Anytime I purchase from other stores, the story is usually the opposite; I take care of a plant and it dies. With Gurneys plants, even if I neglect to tend to them, they survive. I had the same thing happen with some strawberry plants from Gurneys that kept producing so many strawberries year after year (and I had thought you had to replant new strawberries every year). If you buy from Gurneys, you're getting a very healthy product.
 -  Friday, May 06, 2011
Pleasantly Surprised
Reviewed By: Liz (Foss, Ok)
After ordering the dwarf banana and reading the reviews I expected a dead stump or something. It came in really great shape and is growing great. Very happy.
 -  Friday, July 22, 2011
tropics in Ohio
Reviewed By: Rebecca Gillig (Alvada, Ohio)
I am trying to create the look of the tropics at my home. This plant really helps to create that. Just received it this spring of 2011,it gets a new leaf about once a week, and looks just beautiful. I am very happy with this little tree. We are having very hot and humid weather right now so I'm sure that is really helping it to grow. I do have it in a pot so I can move it indoors for the winter.
 -  Saturday, November 26, 2011
Banana update
Reviewed By: Tiffany (Hickory, NC)
I've had my banana for 1 year now. She is almost 6 ft tall. I put her outdoors from April-September. She stays in a sunny room during the colder months. She produced seven pups. I left two alone. The other five got their own pots. Now the opups are getting huge. I hope the original plant and some of her pups produce bananas this summer. Now the pups are having pups and I'm running out of room indoors.